I started these paintings during the Self Isolation Period in 2020. They are painted on A4 Acrylic, Acid Free Paper framed in an A3 frame.

Coffee & Wine – These are painted on Poster Size paper and framed in Poster Size Frames

Father Day Images:

Katie and Ted

Bleu Chanel
Blue Off Shoulder
Pink Jacket
Blue Budgies
Surfer – Framed – H 420mm x W 300mm
Chasing Bubbles
Father & Son 2
Walk? Anyone…
Wild Flowers
Mother and Daughter (with her Teddy of course) – this is my Mother’s Day painting
Hanging Out with my Dog
Lady in a Red Coat
All Dressed Up and No Where to Go
Dressing Up in Mum’s Shoes
Playing in the Water
Girl at the Beach – This is my first attempt of painting a person
Katie’s Series – Jumping Puddles with my Ted – SOLD
Book Shelf – SOLD
Come On – Who’s Coming with Us – SOLD
Katies Series – Book Club – SOLD
Father & Son – SOLD
Katie’s Series _ High Tea – SOLD
I Love My Collie – SOLD
Running Away with my Balloons – SOLD
Katie’s Series – Pink Leg Warmers – SOLD
Katie’s Series – Freedom – After Lock Down – Commission – SOLD
Katie’s Series – Me and Ted – SOLD
Katie’s Series – Me and My Dog – SOLD
Katie’s Series – Dressing Up in My Gum Boots – SOLD