Jill’s Story


I started playing with paints about 20 years ago, loving the colours of the sea, sky and surrounding areas – painting seascapes, trying to capture the moods of the sky and seas.

During the past year, I found it was time for a change and am now trying my hand at ‘abstract’. I am loving the challenge painting abstracts give me, but, finding it very difficult trying to get the feel into the painting ….. but, eventually, somehow – it seems to work.


I started playing with clay about 3 years ago and am loving this, especially the construction of 3D Art. It is the sculptural side of ceramics that has alway inspired me and now I have that chance.

The way you can fold, mould, mark and then glaze the clay makes it so interesting. But the challenge is in, what the piece will look like when it finally comes out of the kiln and will it come out in one piece?